About Me


Hello! I am Olga V. Mack, and I am passionate about the intersection of blockchain strategy, leadership, and innovation. I am a strategic, diligent decision-maker with fifteen years of experience advising and serving innovative companies of all sizes. I am skilled at navigating through change, setting goals, mitigating risks, and charting the course for long-term success.

I enjoy helping startups thrive and grow. I am currently serving as an Advisory Board member at ChannelMeter, Contract Wrangler, Sago, and TimeJoy, all early stage startups.

I also take pride in being an outspoken advocate for professional women. I am a founder of the Women Serve on Boards movement, which holds companies with all-male boards accountable for their exclusion of women. I have also written All [A]Board: Your Journey to Becoming a Corporate Director, to help demystify the board service.