About Me

Hello! I am Olga V. Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, a next-generation contract management company that has pioneered online negotiation technology. I love legal innovation and had dedicated my career to improving and shaping the future of law. I am convinced that the legal profession will emerge even stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive than before by embracing technology. 

I am also an award-winning general counsel, operations professional, startup advisor, public speaker, adjunct professor, and entrepreneur. I co-founded SunLaw, an organization dedicated to preparing women in-house attorneys to become general counsels and legal leaders, and WISE to help female law firm partners become rainmakers.

I am passionate about disruptive technologies such as blockchain and AI. I served as Vice President of Strategy at Quantstamp, the first decentralized security auditing blockchain platform. I co-authored Fundamentals of Smart Contract Security (Momentum Press, 2019) and authored Blockchain Business Models (Business Expert Press, 2019). I spoke at TEDxSanFrancisco about the impact potential of blockchain and smart contracts and at SXSW about blockchain business models.

I also take pride in being an outspoken advocate for professional women. I founded the Women Serve on Boards movement that advocates for women to serve on corporate boards. I successfully persuaded over a dozen Fortune 500 companies to recruit their first woman director. I advocated, testified, and mobilized for the passage of California SB 826, which requires public companies to recruit women directors. I also authored Get on Board: Earning Your Ticket to a Corporate Board Seat (Business Expert Press, 2019), to help demystify board service for all. 

FInally, I enjoy helping startups thrive and grow. I am currently serving as an advisory board director at Phylos, ChannelMeter, Quantstamp, and Lovelyloot. I also serve on numerous boards.