Olga V. Mack


Notes to My (Legal) Self is my attempt to synchronize my left and right brains. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, even when you practice law…

Women Serve on Boards, Founder

Women Serve on Boards is a location to track the process and progress of increasing female leadership on corporate boards of directors, making sure each board has at least one woman on it, and holds companies with all male board members accountable for the systematic exclusion of women. Please visit the Women Serve on Boards to learn more about this initiative.

SunLaw, Co-Founder

SunLaw is a group of women in-house attorneys who work in a legal department made up of approximately ten attorneys or less. Be it a startup, a consumer company or a subsidiary of a larger company, SunLaw is here to address the unique needs of in-house counsel who operate with small budgets, cover broad areas of law and have no fear of the unknown. The goal is to create a community where we can share practical tips, forms and ask questions (whether big or small) about the law, a particular approach to a situation and have open discussions about issues that are specific to women lawyers in a corporate environment. 

Women In-House Support Equality (WISE), Co-Founder

WISE started out of the realization that, though there has been much progress, we have a long way to go to achieve equality in the legal profession. The WISE founding team believes that only through an alliance of women attorneys in both law firms and public and private companies can we build the relationships and platform critically necessary to finally achieve equality.

TEDxEmeraldGlenPark, Organizer and Curator 


TEDxEmeraldGlenPark provides a forum for the Tri-Valley community to share ideas, embrace differences, get educated, and understand others’ viewpoints. TEDxEmeraldGlenPark also serves as space where ideas from the Tri-Valley area can be shared with a wider audience, and ultimately the world.